So who am I?

And why this blog? The Who short form: Abethany, female human arcane mage. Why: I already have a Twitter account which you can read here but I wanted a forum that would allow a lengthier discourse. Who will read this? Probably no one! But I’m not going to let something like that keep me from blabbering on, I tell you what!

So as a way of introduction I thought I would describe some of my favorite and least favorite things about WoW and from this you can form an opinion of my personality, Meyers-Briggs style, except without any of the faux-scientific astrological accuracy therein. Ready?

Favorite Mount: Magnificent Flying Carpet
I’m a tailor and so making this was a point of pride but after I stepped onto it I thought it was just, well, magical. I especially like how it’s silent. Although the flapping of dragon wings is accurate (so to speak) and neat, I must admit that after a long flight (like say to capture snobolds in nets near K3 for the Argent daily quest) it begins to wear.
I also very much like the Netherstorm dragons because they look like proper dragons and there’s little else as cool as riding a dragon. What I really want in a mount is something that looks like a dragon, not a drake, but has the same coloring as the Violet Proto-drake you get from What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been, a meta-quest that I, perhaps sadly, will never achieve (see below).
Least: Any nether ray mount. They undulate way too much. It’s almost air sickening. I haven’t measured it so it might be the same amount as with drake mounts, and perhaps it’s just exaggerated by the shape of the mount that I notice it more, but nether rays are bumpy rides. Also, the sound they emit is a touch discordant—which is the point, I get that. I just don’t like it.

Favorite Activity: Guild runs
I enjoy the MM part of MMO and I’ll do pretty much anything with whichever guild I’m in, strangers though they may be. I’ve been in a grand total of four guilds, one of which I was guild master for. The first one I can’t remember the name of and it was kinda douchey but I didn’t know any better. The second one was the one I GMed, Eldritch Way which my friends convinced me to GM in large part as a counter to previous guild’s douchery. Good times, actually, but it was always very small and extremely casual, simultaneously too small and casual to really last. Third was Crusty Blades, also good times with good people but I was tempted by the shinies of my current guild, Ahrotahntee, which I find delightful and perfectly matches my sensibilities and is large enough to support what I want to do. The CBs and Ahros team up at least once a week to inch ever closer toward the Lich King and I have IRL friends on each.
Least: PvP. I fully admit it: I abhor PvP. I’ve tried to understand what my deep-seated dislike of it is especially in light of the fact that I’ve spent many an hour fragging friends and strangers alike in FPSs. I think it comes down to this: I see WoW as an inherently cooperative game and I don’t like a situation where I have to win by making someone else lose. This is counter to the lore of the game, I know, but the way I look at it, it’s not the undead’s fault that they were screwed—so why should I try to kill them just for being Horde? And might I take a moment to interject that if it weren’t for Arena and PvP we wouldn’t suffer the degree of class balance issues we have (will always have). And I know I’m screwing myself out of achievements (see above) and I’m fine with that. Yes, I actually would rather not stand any more PvP than absolutely necessary to accomplish the bare minimum—but the meta-achievement asks me to do too much, go too far.

Favorite holiday event: Hallow’s End, of course. What’s not to love, except for the criminally low drop rate of the Headless Horseman’s mount?
Least: Any event that requires you to do something to a specific race and class. Ugh. What purpose does this serve? It’s not to meet new people because you can’t communicate with people on another faction. It’s merely an exercise in frustration because it’s wholly out of your control. There’s no drop rate, there’s nothing to be done about it but be lucky, and there’s nothing gained by the activity intrinsically (at least with the Headless Horseman you can get other shinies while you’re looking for the mount). Nearly pointless frustration is not fun.

This post is getting a bit long. More items for this list later, of course!


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  1. This is incredible. I have never ridden a dragon, but I have suspected that Abethany’s reactions might be mine. Glad to meet a fellow fabric worker online.

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