The busiest fight for mages

Are you familiar with Lady Deathwhipser? If not, read about her here.

The busiest I’ve been as a mage lately has been the fight with Lady Deathwhipser (pictured right), a boss in one of the wings of Icecrown Citadel. You can do it if you’re the only mage in the party—but it’ll be very tough and you’ll have to play at your best to support the rest of the party.

There’s lots to do:

Decurse Curse of Torpor
Most important. You have one second to get this curse off of anyone it touches. If it takes hold, the victim has their powers cooled down an additional 15 seconds over whatever normal cooldown they might have. If your healer is used to casting a life-saving heal every second, they won’t be able to heal for another 16 seconds. If this curse lands at the wrong time it can cause a wipe.

It’s easy to have more than one person cursed at the same time. De-curse yourself first so you can be available to de-curse others. Better one person be cursed than multiple people.

Two types of adds appear in waves on the left and right sides of the chamber: Adherents and Fanatics. You target the Fanatics because they’re the ones who can be damaged by spells, the Adherents (effectively) cannot. The curses are put out by the Adherents. The more of them that’re up at the same time, the worse it is for you. Worse than that, Adherents are immune to spell damage by the time you’ve killed the Fanatics.

This is the only fight where I’ve found the addon Decursive to be a near necessity because it notifies you of the curse and allows de-cursing as soon as you can mouse to an on-screen box. For this fight alone I move the Decursive boxes to dead center of the screen.

Spellsteal Vampiric Might from the Fanatics
The Fanatics are the folks you can damage with your spells and as the tanks and OTs deal with them, the Fanatics will cast Vampiric Might on themselves which will increase the physical damage they do. The spell does nothing for you, but the point is to get it off the Fanatics.

Counterspell Lady Deathwhisper’s Frostbolt
Her Frostbolt is powerful and since it can be counterspelled you should do it at every possible opportunity. Doing so will make the fight noticably easier on everyone.

DPS the boss—but not too much
She’s surrounded by a shield that can be damaged, and damaging it reduces her overall mana pool. The typical strategy lately seems to be to beat her down to around 200K and then wait for any remaining waves of adds.

It’s easy to steal aggro here, as has nearly happened to me (got up around 80% once, for example). You need to keep a close eye on both her mana and your threat, delicately balancing the two.

Watch out for ghosts
After the adds stop coming (finally) and it’s time to go to town on Lady Deathwhisper, you’ll find ghosts (who can be hard to see, actually, given the texture of the room and the general chaos of combat) coming to give you a firm handshake. Don’t accept this token of friendship! Instead, move away from them. I believe they move faster if you stand still, but slower if you’re moving.

Those are the highlights. It’s a lot to keep track of but if you know what to do going in then you’ll find it’s not as stressful as it sounds.

Just de-curse as fast you can. Seriously.


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