Dalaranian habits

I don’t exactly RP my mage everywhere, but I do some things that I think are appropriate for a mage to do:

  • I always repair at The Militant Mystic, next to the Eventide bank in Dalaran. If you’re going to go anywhere, it should be a place that has both militant and mystic in the name, I say.
  • I always log off in The Purple Parlor in Dalaran. The butler, Alfred Copperworth, has a fine selection of treats and if you’re going to have a rest, it should be in a very tall mage tower, shouldn’t it?
  • Sisters Sorcerous, also in Dalaran, is my go-to place for reagents. I also enjoy the all-seeing eye that follows one around the room. I’m a sucker for parlor tricks! I also take a moment to pet the store kitty, Badluck, who’s usually asleep in the corner. He’s a cutie!

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