Skipping bosses

Blue says this, about being able to skip to the end boss in random PUGs for the two emblems of frost:

While there may be some instances in which you can do this manually, our intention wasn’t to make this an exceedingly quick way to get two Emblems of Frost. This is more of a method to encourage players to participate in the Looking for Group system and help those who are playing through the dungeons get ready for the epic encounters that await them in our currently available raid content. Thus, implementing a “skip to the finale boss” mechanism would be counter to those goals.

Then don’t make extant bosses skippable. For example, in Utgarde Pinnacle there are three bosses before the end boss. You may skip at least two and probably all three of them (I can’t remember if you have to skip Skadi the Ruthless (he who flies the dragon with the corridor-long breath weapon) or not).

Also, for mages, HUP is the place to practice getting the most out of your AoEs. Pretty much the entire place is one chain of AoEs after another and the monsters are weak, so you can afford to be a little laissez faire and experiment with any new tactic you may want to try out. Good times!


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