Mages are whores

The Recount damage meter in action

Meter whore noun 1) Someone who has more concern for their rank on a damage meter than for what’s happening in combat. 2) You. “Sometimes.”

‘Is the monster dead? Then you’re doing enough DPS.’

I forget where I first heard this because it’s quoted so much, and it’s true, but it’s not the end all statement. You still have to look at yourself and what you’re doing and how well you’re performing as a mage. The monster died—but how much of that was you? Did the rest of the party carry you? Meters can answer that and by listening to the right advice you can get more out of the gear you have, most often by finding the right spell rotation. The meter will tell you when you’re doing your job as well as you can. So that’s why meters.

Eyes on the prize

But there’s a darkside to this tool: The easy fixation on competing with others merely to have a higher rank. The problem this can lead to is sub-optimal performance during the fight, namely, not doing non-DPS tasks like de-cursing or crowd control. Don’t think another mage is going to de-curse for you—it’s your responsibility too because you’re in the fight.

Anyway, here’s a way to cheaply get some position on the meter while still doing your job…

The secret life of a meter whore

Don’t rotate. Cast Arcane Blast and don’t rotate into another spell, no matter what procs. You’ll shoot up the meter like no one’s business. Unfortunately, as you know, casting Arcane Blast progressively increases the mana cost of spells—including Arcane Blast. So if you’re spamming AB then you’ll be at almost no mana in almost no time.

This is all well and good if the fight is short but is terrible for any fight that takes more than a minute. You’ll be left having to Evocate in the middle of an easy fight and look like a n00b. And if you have to CC or de-curse while you’re in the middle of an evocation then that’s just all kinds of special.

So here’s my recommendation, fellow whores: Spam AB in trash fights where you know the fight will be short and Evocate between fights. You’ll get meter jollies and you won’t be throwing away your capacity as a mage. Of course you have to deal with the shame of spamming the same spell over and over, if that’s what you want to do with your time.

But in boss fights use your rotation and play like an engaged party member and not a meter whore. You can always spam AB during the last 100K of health anyway because by then all that’s going to happen has happened and the party can DPS its way out of trouble, and you can recover mana while everyone picks over loot.

And P.S. During the daily random PUG you’ll probably see yourself at the top of the meter all the time like I do. I mean, seriously. All. The. Time. That’s one reason why I like playing with strangers. I don’t have to commit to them and I still get to be on top—all while maintaining a long term relationship with my guild.

Because of my PUG experiences I’ve been relaxing a bit on my own whoring during raids and it’s been a bit liberating actually. I must admit that I don’t even look at it as much as I used to. Except, you know, sometimes. 😉


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  1. Hah, that’s the second time I see this theory in the last couple of days. My raid leader accused me of the same thing – whoring the meters and not paying attention to anything else.

    I’m pretty much inclined to agree that most if not all mages are crazy about how much damage done or dps they can dish out and definitely so am I. It’s like a friend from my guild said sarcastically: the most important boss to beat in this game is Recount. Except for me it’s not sarcasm. 😀

    That does not mean though that I (or we: mages) ignore encounter-specific stuff like snobolds on Beasts, infernals on valkyr, oozes on Putricide etc. etc. Actually – we don’t. At least not the ones I dealt with. It’s just a silly preconception that because we land high on the meters it means that we’re not doing our jobs. And the truth is.. that on my Putricide 25 kills mages were the ones to have the higher percentage of damage done on the oozes compared to any other class. And we still were high on Recount (I was 4th :P).

    And AB spam is no longer optimal anyway, at least not with 2pT10 bonus. Gets replaced with AB4SpamAM as the highest dps rotation. So that fixes it. 😀

    • Besides the total damage meter, I also like to check the Interupts and Dispelled meters. Those three things tell me if I’ve been doing my job, better than just the DPS meter.

    • opps! I meant that to be a new comment, not in reply to yours.

      My apologies!

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