Forget bad PUG experiences…

…I just want to have them in the first place.

The new Looking for Dungeon (LFD) tool is wonderful—absolutely no doubt about that at all. It’s game transforming. Despite fears of bad PUG experiences I’ve had a really good time with it with one, perhaps two, unusual experiences. That’s excellent.

But there’s a trend developing.

With nearly 100% rate of occurrence the first PUG times out because someone doesn’t click “enter dungeon.” When that happens you go to the front of the line, so to speak, so you can enter right away—but that doesn’t really work when there are eleventybillion other queues. There’s more waiting to be had. One time I had to wait to re-queue as long as I had waited to queue in the first place.

LFD tool image courtesy

What can be done?

Probably people are doing what I do when I’m in a queue: Something else. I usually read Twitter or other such things on my iPhone, but keep the screen in view so I see the notice right away. I’ve never failed to Enter Dungeon. But everyone else is not being as careful and they’re missing the notice. So it would seem that a good fix would be to increase the alert level of the Enter Dungeon dialog box, with a screen flash and/or a klaxon.

I fear that without a more substantial alert we’ll see more, not fewer, people time out of entering dungeons.

Now if there was only some way of having DPS queue as rapidly as tanks and heals. That would be something.


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