Por … tal?

With the LFD tool has come something halfway interesting: I almost never cast portals any more.

They used to be cast at the end of dungeons—but dungeon runs are organized via the LFD tool nowadays, even when there’s a group of five. And why not? LFD allows you to teleport into the dungeon from anywhere, no mage portals necessary. And if you need to nip out to repair, you can teleport out of the dungeon all by yourself and teleport right back in again.

As a result, I cast probably a tenth of the portals I used to. This is not an earth-shattering issue, it just struck me as oddly noteworthy.

And so I had to share it with you.

Because I love you and we really should talk more!

So…how’re you doing?

P.S. You think Blizzard will give us something else since there’s no such thing as a portal any more?


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