What’s in the bag?

I have no basis to think this would be interesting to anyone—other than I’m curious how others tend to their bags. So, in the spirit of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” here then is how I keep my bags:


I keep this clean. The only thing that goes in here are anything that drops and quest items. I like to do quests that have objects associated with them tout suite so as to get rid of the objects so they don’t clog up my inventory.

Generally, if it’s to be dealt with right away, into the Backpack it stays until disposed of.

“Gigantique” Bag

Next slot belongs to the Gigantique bag because, really, Abethany is a girl and girls love expensive bags. Everyone knows this.

This bag reveals how I organize things, which is vertically. Yes, I know that makes me a freak (well, one of the things). I arrange by column instead of left-right because it seems to make more sense to me—probably because the bags are arranged to have more rows than columns.

This bag is reserved for raid content, plus my frostweave bolts because there’s constant churn with both the frostweave and the bolts, but they’re not as active as quest items or drops, so this seemed like the place to put them. Also there isn’t an entire bag’s worth of raid items to keep on hand.

Next two columns are raid buff items. The teleport runes are there because they’re related to the portal runes. Underneath the strüdel is Firecracker Salmon. It’s my belief that anyone who is a master chef (which Abethany is) should never be without a food buff so I try to keep something going 24/7.

Note the keg of booze underneath the Fish Feast. I keep forgetting to put it down, but I do enjoy putting down a keg whenever I put down some Feast. I even have a macro to announce the Fish Feast when I make it.

Last column is for enchanting materials I choose to keep on-hand. This is for if someone gets a nice drop and wants it enchanted right then and there in the raid—which has happened multiple times it may surprise you.

I keep mana and health potions in the corner because they’re so very rarely used.

Wait, what’s that Old Spices doing there? What’s that have to do with raid buffing? Why, those are for Rotface and Festergut. Both combats with them go easier if they’re perfumed, don’t you know.

Enlarged Onyxia Bag

Quest items I consider permanent go here, and those include leftover bloodfrenzy fish, an Argent lance, and Moogie’s ball (though really I should dump the ball since I haven’t done that quest in a thousand years).

Also here are foodstuffs, including quest food and ingredients for making Fish Feast. I keep the Succulent Clam Meat handy to make Dalaran Clam Chowder in case I run out of salmon for Firecracker Salmon.

I also keep pet amusements here to help fill out the bag. Also note my Glinting Mageblade and offhand in the upper right corner. I keep these on hand even though I’m using Abracadaver, a two-handed staff, in case I come across a super duper off-hand item or something. One never knows!

Oh! I also have a bejeweled fishing pole which I’m quite proud of for no good reason. It’s so pretty and I wanted one so bad the first time I saw someone using it. The hat underneath it is for fishing, of course.

Glacial Bag

This bag is the refuge of spare enchanting materials (some of them require 40x Infinite Dust for example) as well as permanent items that should be kept on hand. My hearthstone is set to Scholozar Basin expressly to help me get Mysterious Eggs faster (who wants to fly all the way out there for that?) and for the fishing daily quest involving the ghostfish.

Also here are amusements like the choo-choo train and, of course, the train wrecker. On the upper right is the Hallow’s Eve sword that summons pumpkin soldiers. Very fun!

Glacial Bag 2

The last bag is reserved for long term crafting projects and seasonal items. Here you can see my progress toward a Merlin’s Robe. I’m not in a fantastic hurry to complete it (I could buy the materials if necessary for example) but I’d rather do it on the cheap and get the materials bit-by-bit, since it’s more of a sidegrade.

And this pic was taken before the Love is In the Air event started. Now it’s chock full of hearts, charms, and suchlike.

There you have it, some more insight!

So…what’s in your bag? Do you have a system or just throw things in willy nilly?


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  1. Cool! I’d love to know how you got your emblems to show next to where your moola shows up. I’m always digging into my character screen to find that.

    I use a one-bag type system (Ark-Inventory, I think it’s called) that allows me to build one bag that incorporates the backpack and any other bag I have. I can tell it how many rows and columns I want.

    Essentially, down the far left column, I have healing potions, flasks, food buffs, bandages, and in the column next to that, I have quest items. Running along the bottom row, I have Outfitter changes (for fishing, tanking, etc.)

    As I quest/run dungeons and gather items and am trying to organize things into some semblance of “oh that makes sense”, I pull items I want to vendor off into the upper right hand corner, and items I want to send to my bank toon (mule) into the lower right hand corner.

    Visually, it’s just something I’m used to, so it works for me! I also have it set up so I have only one icon indicating the entire bag system (vs. having to click 5 bags to open them all up). I have this same system for my bank bags, so it resembles something more like what you’re used to seeing in a guild bank. : )

    • >I’d love to know how you got your emblems to show next to where your moola shows up.

      It’s easy peasy!
      Character sheet -> Currency tab -> select the emblem type you want and a wee side panel pops up and then check “Show on Backpack”

      >vs. having to click 5 bags to open them all up

      Gross! Who does that any more?
      Interface -> Key Bindings -> Interface Panel Functions -> Open All Bags
      I’ve chosen B. 🙂

  2. Bag 1: 32-slot soul shard bag, ideally full

    Bag 2: 32-slot engineering bag, mostly full of full stuff + engineering mats

    Bag 3: 24-slot bag (portable hole), with consumables, fishing gear, hearthstone and assorted silly things like costumes

    Bag 4: 22-slot bag, 1/3 full with my pvp gear, other space is overflow from Bag 5

    Bag 5: 16-slot bag, usually empty, unless I’m doing my dailies or chain-running some dungeons

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