Well, that was frustrating

I technically played an exciting MMO called World of Warcraft tonight. That is to say: I spent about 10 minutes trying to log on then another 10 minutes waiting in the loading screen, then enjoyed copious lag once I entered the world.

Gave up.

Happy Maintenance Day, everyone!

Incidentally, this week’s raid quest is Ignus the Firemaster.


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Posted on February 9, 2010, in World of Warcraft. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I spent 21 minutes trying to load characters, another 7 at the loading screen, then Alt+F4’d out and used my time more wisely… playing Facebook games!

    Also, boo @ Ignis again.

  2. Does Ignis have a hard mode? If so, we should try it.

  3. Doing dishes! w00t!!!

    Also, Ignis again?

  4. HaHa…of COURSE it’s Ignis…after the mobs are “charm-nerf’d”! I agree with the hard mode idea 😀

    Last night, I was able to do the heroic daily, go 5 rounds with the holiday bosses, visit all 4 cities for the holiday quests, and farmed on the crystalsong mobs for a while. Not to say it wasn’t painful at times, but it was certainly possible.

    This morning, everything was oh happy day again!

    I am ready to raid tonight! It has been two weeks for me, and I am chompin’ at the bit!!! Would also like to do the holiday bosses ‘gain. 😀

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