Sekrit fishies!

You guys know how to fish in Wintergrasp without flagging yourself for PvP, don’t you? No? Well, here you go!

Take the taxi from Dalaran to Star’s Rest in Dragonflight. Once there, fly northwest to coordinates 13,40 in Dragonflight. (If you fly yourself direct you’ll cross over into Wintergrasp and flag yourself. Easier to taxi part of the way.)

At 13,40 in Dragonflight you’ll see an area near all the waterfalls where there’s a ledge that’s right on the edge of some fishable water in the Wintergrasp zone. You can cast from this rocky ledge into Wintergrasp, no fuss! Well, there is some fuss: There is an air elemental that hangs out on the ledge, but there’s only one. The frown upside down part is that you can use the elemental to find your way to this ledge. 😉

Here I am standing in the correct spot with my fancy fishin’ pole—I pulled the camera way out so you can see the surrounding area and get a good idea of where to go. You can tell when you’re in the right place by looking at the white area immediately to my right. See how there’s a line in the white area just ahead of me? That serves as a warning when you’ve gone too far forward.

Every now and again you’ll have to re-cast because the bobber lands in water too shallow, but really that doesn’t happen often enough to make this not worth doing.

On the contrary, it’s an awesome place to fish because Wintergrasp is one-stop shopping for Fish Feast ingredients.

And, yes, you may fish here for the Wintergrasp daily fishing quest. Plus the elemental drops crystals and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s all win!


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