I don’t doubt it

Blizzard says this about the Pink Love Rocket mount:

The drop rate for this mount is indeed lower than 1-2% and that is intentional. We are okay with the number it is at right now and will continue to see how things for this event.

Here’s the thing: That rate makes it unreasonable to expect getting it under even the best of circumstances. And the result of that is to keep me from trying. I’ll perhaps go help someone on their quest, but, really there’s little point.

What should the drop rate be? I should think 5% would reasonable to be both rare and obtainable for the lucky.

Image courtesy mmo-champion.com


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Posted on February 17, 2010, in World of Warcraft. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Ditto! It’s a hella fun fight, but I’m not going out of my way for it again.

  2. Yep. Once I realized the stats on this, I realized it’s not even worth it to walk in there with any hope and excitement. It’s like getting struck by lightning a tenth time. I read somewhere yesterday that there have been 53 rockets claimed in the WORLD since the event started. The server with the most rockets has 3.

    Puhlease. It’s a fun fight, but I’d rather be doing something else, yanno?

  3. On WoWInsider today…17 in North America. WoW is…wow.

    “If you’re curious, as of today, there have only been 74 players with the Big Love Rocket Feat of Strength across North America and Europe. North America has seen 17 Big Love Rockets compared to the 54 for European players”

  4. I miss WoW. /me cries into broken laptop of doom.

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