More Patch 3.3.3 news, plus an undocumented change

Blizzard detailed some tailoring changes and mentioned something they forgot to put into the patch notes.

Now, every mage is also a tailor (and enchanter), right? Good! ‘Cause otherwise I was worried these pretty pictures provided by wouldn’t be relevant. Whew! Close call.

Pattern changes

Four patterns (all for level 226 items) are going to see their requirements reduced as follows:

Cord of the White Dawn
Requires eight Moonshroud instead of 20; still requires six Runed Orbs.

Savior’s Slippers
Requires eight Moonshroud instead of 20, still requires six Runed Orbs.

Sash of Ancient Power
Requires four Spellweave and four Ebonweave instead of 10; still requires six Runed Orbs.

Spellslinger’s Slippers
Requires four Spellweave and Ebonweave instead of 10; still requires six Runed Orbs.

These changes, combined with the elimination of cooldowns for the special fabrics (ebonweave, moonshroud and spellweave) will definitely help you get into Northrend dungeons.

Undocumented change

The Vote Kick option in the Looking for Dungeon (LFD) tool no longer has a 15-minute cooldown. Apparently you can vote someone out immediately.

This actually has good utility. More than once—when grouped with fellow guildmates mind you—someone has disconnected just as we’re starting a run. We couldn’t replace them because they couldn’t leave the party by themselves, the leader couldn’t kick them out, and we couldn’t vote them out because of the cooldown. Frustrating.


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  1. Actually, I’d hold that player disconnects are one situation where a vote-kick immunity should still apply. For some reason, zoning into an instance boots me back to the login screen about 10% of the time. With the cooldown gone, even if I log back in as quickly as I can, I’ll be out of the instance, and I’ll have to wait for the Dungeon Cooldown to wear off.

    • 10%? Seriously? Has that been going on for you since the launch of the LFD tool, or are you talking about during the week of server troubles when everyone had trouble with everything?

      • Yes, about 10%, and since LFD launched. It’s actually any time I get a loading screen; sometimes I even get kicked back to login when I’m trying to log into a character! Doesn’t seem to matter whether or not I have addons enabled.

        For what it’s worth, I also have trouble changing realms (if I’ve logged into a character, I can’t change realms without going back to the login screen first) and quitting WOW (if I select Exit Game from the main menu, the program hangs during shutdown).

      • My goodness sakes alive, that’s the worst experience I’ve ever heard of I think (not counting not being able to log on altogether of course).

        Have you tried the fabled fix of deleting the WTF and the, oh, whatever the other folder is whose name I can’t think of that they always say to try?

        Have there been any reports like this on the official forums?

  2. psst!

    Alyxx is an herbalist/alchemist.

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