Something I need to work on

It's so … empty!

This was actually taken a few days ago—I’ve added three since then. But the clock’s ticking! I need to get to it.

I see a fair number of these are available via randoms one will find via the LFD tool. That’s fine by me because it means I’ll get some “automatically” as it were. Those old school ones though, like Maraudon? That’s a special trip.

EDIT: And done! Last night three guilds failed to field 25 people for Icecream Citadel so it reverted to a 10-man. I was goofing around with my interface and didn’t see the call for PSTs so I missed out. Thus I was left to my own devices and having done all my dailies I decided to make a grand dedicated push toward elderdom and complete the final eight elders. I had to PUG the last two (Halls of Stone and Gundrak) but I got ’em all done!


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  1. I followed a guide someone posted on that listed all the elders and the best order to visit them, including the dungeons & cities. That way, I didn’t have to make special trips for BRD and the like.

  2. I’ve been incorporating other achievements into my trek. Dungeons I had not yet run, zones I had not yet explored fully, etc. It’s working out well!

    Congrats on getting your title last night! And thanks for the company. : )

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