And good riddance

MMO-champion says the following are now being tracked by Blizzard:

  • Kicked in LFG (follower) (hidden) – Number of times the player kicked someone in LFG, voting, but not initiating
  • Kicked in LFG (target) (hidden) – Number of times the player has been kicked by someone in LFG
  • Kicked in LFG (initiator) (hidden) – Number of times the player kicked someone in LFG, initiating the kick
  • Abandoned LFG (hidden) – Number of times the player abandoned an LFG dungeon


Just the other day (as noted on my Twitter feed, mirrored at right) there was an awful PUG experience. The tank and healer voted to kick the hunter with no explanation. The rest of us asked why and the tank (who did the talking as I recall) said that the hunter’s gear score was too low (for Gundrak, c’mon) and that his DPS was <800 (which was false, it was 1.4K) and that they didn’t want to help him get through the instance and that he was slowing everything down.

Never mind that this conversation was taking an order of magnitude more time than any possible extention the hunter was supposed to have been causing. Besides, my DPS was not only making up for the hunter it was dramatically far and away higher than anyone else’s in the raid. This was an apparent example of the looser grouping algorithm Blizzard said they’d be employing to allow people with lesser gear to pair with people of higher gear. If anything, those goofs were slowing me down.

Then the healer said that they were wanting to bring in a friend of theirs. Ah-ha. The real reason revealed.

Another vote and I voted a second time to keep the hunter, but I was overruled—probably because the tank and hunter both petulantly said that they would not continue the raid unless the hunter was kicked.

We continued and got to the end boss, whereupon someone died. The healer point blank refused to resurrect the fallen party member at the end of the fight, then insulted me personally for no apparent reason.

I filed a ticket about them right then and there, and apologized to the dead fellow that I didn’t have any jumper cables.

Point being

If Blizzard can help track people who excessively call for kicks—which no doubt these goofs are guilty of—then that strengthens tickets like mine and that helps overall improvement of the game.

Anything, any tool that helps us keep obvious douches from contaminating the LFD supply is double plus good.

P.S. How do you ignore someone who’s in the same LFD party as you but on a different server? I looked for such an option but darned if I could find where to click it.

P.P.S. How have your LFD experiences been?


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  1. Thankfully I have not run into many bad people in LFD so have not needed to ignore then but to do so, you would right click on their name in chat and you should get the option to add to ignore list. It only works while still in group from what I hear.

  2. /ignore [name]-[server name]

    Ask me how I know!

    Most of my LFD experiences have been good. The only times I’ve seen a vote to kick is when someone dc’ed. Other the hand, I’ve had a couple of healers leave group right as a boss fight started and I never want to see them again.

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