The Apex Experience of WoW

So there we were in Icecream Citadel, our third run into the same saved instance. We’d gotten up to Rotface and tackled him four or five times and just could not do it. The oozes were pretty much eating us alive.

Confident that we were thoroughly defeated, we diverted into Crimson Halls to do the trash for rep. But here’s what made it spectacularly enjoyable:

Not a one of us had ever read a single word about the entire wing. We didn’t know what to expect at all. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t even know for sure if there was trash, let alone what secret powers they might’ve had. What was around the next corner? Heck if we knew!

Chilling and maxing before the next fight

I live for moments like this. Pure discovery. Everything is brand new, you make up and implement tactics on the fly, and learn extremely valuable lessons every minute combat goes on.

We fought our way through the trash to the boss, then we left that individual to go to the last wing to do the same thing.

Proud was the word of the day as we defeated Sister Svalna. This was pretty major because, as I said, none of us even knew that there was a Sister Svalna, let alone knew what to do with her. After figuring out that the spears were like the spikes in Lord Marrowgar’s fight, we were able to win the day.

We moved onward to the dragon and got the idea that since she was green that it was up to us to save her. Killing the liches would do the trick! And so we did! Unfortunately, the monsters had other plans and chaos eventually did us in when the multitudes of monsters started coming at us and some of our group left the battlefield via magic. Apparently some portals opened up somewhere (I don’t think I ever saw them, or if they were the green diamonds I couldn’t right-click them for some reason, or something) but I eventually died. Some of us got through to “another world” but, alas, I didn’t get a chance to see it. We stopped there for the night.

Oh, what enormous fun! It’s so rare to have a situation where there are true unknowns and people willing to explore with you, who don’t mind dying and don’t mind failing the first time for the sake of discovery.

Pure discovery is the best experience possible in World of Warcraft.


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  1. I feel like a movie star! HaHa that was SO much fun!

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