Frosty Flying Carpet

I wrote before that I assume all mages are tailors. Despite direct evidence to the contrary (in comments to this very blog no less!) I see no reason to deviate from this sweeping assumption and include commentary on matters that’re important to me, Abethany. 😉 To whit:

Frosty Flying Carpet

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In a very early post on this blog I wrote that my favorite mount is the Magnificent Flying Carpet. It’s still true, it’s my default mount wherever I can use it.

Magic carpet distinguish mages because, c’mon, they’re magic carpets. What mount says “mage” more? That’s why I’m very much looking forward to this item. Also, it’ll be something fresh to have under my feet after looking at the same magnificent flying carpet for so long.

MMO-Champion says that the pattern will be sold by a vendor in Dalaran in exchange for frost orbs. They don’t have details on how many orbs or what the material requirements will be, but they suppose it will require ebonweave, moonshroud, and such. This makes sense—the pattern will be appearing at the same time the cooldowns are removed from those rare fabrics.

What can we learn from this? Start saving up your frost orbs now. It could cost a lot of orbs.

And don’t forget: This is something to ride around on while we all get celestial steeds. 😉


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  1. A semantic nit on a tangential topic, but it’s “to wit”, not “to whit”. There’s a good explanation of this over at

    Back on topic … flying carpets and tailoring aren’t just for mages, they’re popular with all clothies, which means mages and priests. 🙂 My priest likes to break out his flying carpet every now and again. And no, he’s not just slumming with the mages!

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