A quick comment or two about some recent Q&A about the mastery system. First, Blizzard lays down some more info:

Overall, the goal is to spend points as you want, and not feel penalized for spending into another tree or feel like you have to game things by spending more points than you want in your tree. Remember these passive bonuses are designed to give you flexibility, not lock you into anything.

And later…

Imagine you spend 55 points in Retribution, so you get the maximum passive talent tree bonuses from that tree. Your remaining points you can spend where you want, in Retribution, Protection or Holy. It does discourage some kind of true hybrid build where you go partway down multiple trees, but we aren’t really trying to support those, and they aren’t very popular today.

But if we’re expected to concentrate on a single tree then we are, de facto, locked into something.

And the reason they’re not very popular today is because hybrid talents aren’t supported well. If I want to be a frost/arcane mage it’s deliterious for me to do so. Again, the ideal system would allow me to pick talents that would allow me to build a quilt of various mage abilities and still allow me to be viable in raids, or let me go all the way into a specialization that by doing so would give me a special benefit, like the elemental in frost.

Otherwise I’m very much liking what we’re hearing about the new system.


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