Sweet orby carpet changes!

You know that problem at the end of a daily random of what to do with the frozen orbs?

Some people say the “standard” is to Need, others to Greed.

Wellp, with 3.3.3 that problem is solved: Blizzard says that it will be an automatic greed roll. I approve!

But wait, there’s more!

Here are the material costs for the Frosty Flying Carpet as they’re listed on the PTR:

1 Ebonweave
1 Spellweave
1 Moonshroud
4 Frozen Orbs

Excellent! That’s not an unreasonable amount at all! In fact, considering there won’t be cooldowns for the special fabrics there’s no reason not to have a carpet the first day it’s available! Yay! Let’s hope these ingredients don’t change prior to release eh?

Now go scoop up frozen orbs so you’ll have ’em in time for the carpet!

Image courtesy MMO-champion.com


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