Yeah, I saw this too

When you install the new Mobile Authenticator on an iPhone, you get a jailbreaking warning.

Blizzard explains:

After installing the most recent Mobile Authenticator iPhone/iPod touch update (v1.1.0), all players will be prompted with a one-time warning that states:

Running a “jailbroken” iPhone OS device may compromise the security of the Mobile Authenticator.

This warning message is being issued by Blizzard Entertainment as a reminder that running the Mobile Authenticator on a “jailbroken” iPhone or iPod touch could potentially compromise the security of the Mobile Authenticator application. If your iPhone or iPod touch has not been “jailbroken” or modified to bypass software restrictions, please click “OK” and you will no longer receive the warning.

Please note that this message will appear on all iPhone & iPod touch devices and is not meant to indicate that your Apple device has been modified.

I thought the explanation apparent but I also thought I’d pass this along too, just in case.

I haven’t jailbroken my iPhone, but an Apple Genius did suggest that one be broken to a friend, once. They wanted to use an iPhone as an iPod Touch, but the only way to use the device at all was to activate it, which require a phone account and all of that even if you don’t intend to use the cell phone as a cell phone. The solution, the genius said off the record, was to jailbreak it so the cell phone was no longer a cell phone. Dunno how it worked out, but I assume it was a happy ending. 🙂


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