New things?

Not a lot going on news-wise (at least so far today) regarding the upcoming patch or Cataclysm or whatnot.

So what’d you do over the weekend? Buy epic flying? Get the Battered Hilt? Discover a new daily quest?

The only thing of note I did was hop onto a ToC 10 run, even though I didn’t really want to go but I thought it important to help the guild. I told ’em I’d fill things out if there was a shortage and was promptly invited and the third person to arrive—behind another mage, no less!

We got up to the worst encounter in all of World of Warcraft and then called it after two or three attempts. Then the spousal unit and I left for Shari’s (an area chain restaurant) to get pie (it’s known for its pies). 🙂

The ToC 10 run was begun expressely to gear up folks who needed it, as well as introduce a couple people to the run who’d never been before. In that respect it was a success. Much was learned and gear was shared.

Also in the run was someone who’s rather new to things. Part of our loot rules is that if we Need something for on-spec, we roll 1-100. However, if it’s off-spec then we roll 1-1 (I use the command /roll 1 myself; to roll 100 you just need /roll). A member was told “roll a 1 if you want it” and didn’t understand, but the system message revealed total awesome:

[name] Rolls 1 (1-100)

Ha! Pretty sweet.

Also on that run was someone on Ventrilo that I hadn’t heard in a long time. We used to work together and everything so that was nice.

And then there was pie!

So how was your WoW weekend?


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  1. Pretty quiet WoW weekend here. I didn’t raid at all, which is unusual, but I couldn’t find an ICC10 raid and nobody was doing old stuff either. I spent most of my time playing with the AH, and leveling alts.

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