When do you play World of Warcraft?

More accurately: Why do you play WoW instead of a different leisure activity?

Some folks in my guild would like to finally finish off Ulduar—me too. There are bosses we’ve never killed and content we’ve never seen. We stopped when ToC became more attractive efficient gear-acquisition-wise and never looked back—until now. I still want to see it and I want revenge for all those times I was killed.

All these folks must die.(Image courtesy WoWWiki.)

Unfortunately the night proposed for revenge was Monday night, which happens to be the night I run D&D. What, you don’t? It’s a very fun game—you might have heard of it—and you should check it out. Anyway, I had to choose between D&D and accomplishing a (by now) long languishing goal of finishing Ulduar.

As much as I want to kill people in Ulduar and shard their purples, I have to break things up a bit and wallow with six other people IRL in good ol’ tabletop pen-and-paper dice rolling roleplaying action.

(By the by, it’s tempting to write about all that D&D and WoW share—it’d be an easy post since D&D is the ur of virtually every MMO and fantasy-based RPG video game that exists, which is probably why it’s been posted 1000 times already by everyone.)

What about you?

If you don’t indulge in some tabletop RPGing of any system (again, why don’t you? It’s fun!) then what do you do instead of play WoW?

As I understand it, there are other computer games—even other MMOs. The only other one I play is Aion which is just the most gorgeously beautiful game in the world. I also indulge in some Xbox 360 action (I’ve gone back to finish Red Faction: Guerilla speaking of tying up loose ends) as well as Wii and lots of iPhone games. Oh, and TiVo competes for attention but luckily it saves things for later.

Despite all those things, WoW easily dominates my leisure time in terms of hours played.

So when you sit down to WoW tonight, what’s losing out? 🙂


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  1. I think the catch-all answer for me is….sleep! ;D

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