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I saw this post via MMO-champion’s bluetracker:

After changing jobs I have had some more time to get back into WoW and after browsing class forums etc I have noticed that people are actually playing the game less and less.

From people downloading Rawr to tell them how to gear, gem, and enchant. What happend to learning how to play your class and all that info was pretty easily figured out!

Sims/Simming Programs Seriously do we really need a program to simulate a boss fight one thousand times to see what abilities work the best? Everyone did fine dps before such things were around, this is a game not some sort of super sport where everything has to be perfect all the time!

Spell alert and other such addons that tell you what other players do in pvp as long as they are in range of your combat log. I mean jesus people is your situational awareness that bad you need addons to fill you in on whats happening around you?

Why not just play the game and enjoy…

The author has a good point. I’ve ranted before about addons that take the playing out of the game and certainly Deady Boss Mods is the poster child for my rant.

But the author is also wrong about an important point:

What happend to learning how to play your class and all that info was pretty easily figured out!

Except it’s not. There is no information in-game for a surprising amount of items. Because of this making choices can be very difficult. There’s a fellow in our guild who’s by no means a min/maxer and takes everything at face value. For example, he was keen on a cloak that added to his Agility. The game told him that Agiliy made it harder for him to be hit, so naturally he thought that cloak offered protection for him and thus would be a good cloak.

Except he was playing a cloth caster and really Agility is not something he should put on. The reason—not stated in the game—is that he wouldn’t get as much benefit from that cloak because of the class he was playing.

How was he to know different?

Not everyone goes to various websites to learn how to optimize their character. I believe I remember Blizzard stating that this is working as intended, since it’s OK to have different levels of expertise around playing.

True, but their line is a little too far on the other side. There should be more information about how to play your character better in the game.


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  1. Especially as the accelerated leveling means that people who level a new character to 80 have spent less time playing that class than someone who started playing 2 years ago.

    • Ahem, meaning that if it used to take 200 hours to level to 60 (for example), it’s now more like 50 hours, which means a new level 60 character today has less experience at that class than a new level 60 character from 2008 because they’ve literally spent less time playing that character (just counting level 1-60) than the guy in 2008.

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