Happy Patch Day…right?

Word on the street that today’s Patch 3.3.3 Day! As of this writing the official patch notes page has not been updated with 3.3.3 but everyone’s saying it’s today, so let’s go with everyone!

EDIT: It’s official! 🙂

I’ve written before about the changes and what they mean, but that’s no reason not to slackingingly re-purpose content and mention a few highlights, right? Onward!

Aww, just what I wanted—you shouldn’t have!

There are many good changes with this patch and I must say I either like them all or are at worst neutral. I’m happy with everything. However, there are a few items that stand out as particularly noteworthy:

Arcane Empowerment: This effect is now passive instead of being a proc off of critical strikes. The self damage buff remains unchanged.

I can only assume that this means we’ll be cracking mountains in two now with our imba DPS. 😉

I’d sew like to help you

The cooldown and location requirements have been removed from creating Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave. If any of these abilities are on cooldown when the patch is applied, players must wait for the cooldowns to expire naturally before they are permanently removed.

The tailor in me is just elated with this. I’m against all sorts of these kinds of cooldowns. They’re a bit silly. It doesn’t make the cloth feel any more special to me, it’s only an annoyance—and embarrassing one especially when I say “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make that for you for about three weeks.”

I suppose it would be better if items only required one item that’s cooling down, but no, they don’t. Items usually require lots of them which only extends the time it takes to get anything done by an order of magnitude. Bleah.


Players can no longer roll Need on Frozen Orbs in dungeons under Need Before Greed loot rules. Pass and Greed options will still be available.

This ends a bone of contention found in every daily random. Very welcome.

Where the hell are you?

The World Map will now provide an option to display different levels of a multi-layered dungeon, zone, or city (i.e. players can view the map of the Dalaran Sewers without having to be in that location).

If you use the default UI in a raid you can tell who’s close enough to buff. People who’re too far away are dimmed. Being able to see multiple levels of a dungeon is keen because then it becomes possible to find out where everyone is and how close they are to coming back from a wipe so you can re-buff.


The Quest Tracking Objectives Frame can now be widened via the Interface Options menu.

This will help with an annoying UI issue I have with my Razer Naga addon.

There are tons and tons of changes with this patch and I’m sure there’ll be things that present themselves as significant that didn’t, at first, appear to be (such as the Auction House interface changes).

You’ll be the first to know when something like that surfaces!


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  1. I’m looking forward to this patch for two big reasons:

    1. 2 Engineering pets switch from BoP to BoE. I’ve got mats for 20 of them stored up, ready to craft and sell for a big (I hope) pile of gold).

    2. PVP mounts will be purchasable with honor now, instead of those accursed marks. I have so many Stone Keepers Shards, I should have another 5 mounts in no time, which puts me over the 100 mark. Yippee!

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