Undocumented changes in Patch 3.3.3

The lovely folks over at WoW Stratics have a list of undocumented changes in patch 3.3.3. A few I (and thus I assume you) already knew about some of them but there are some that slipped past casual notice.

Here’re the ones I didn’t see—with commentary of course!

The Dungeon Finder windows (queuing and accepting) are now affected by UI Scale.

I noticed this last night but was all excited about getting to finally do a random (see next post) that I forgot to take note of it.

If you use the random Dungeon Finder and join a party in progress, you teleport into the dungeon where they are at.

Holy cats, really? Wow! That’s extraordinary!

The tiger lily and the goldclover ground graphic are increased in size.

I used to have herbalism and so I know well the idea of searching hither and yon for plants. Then came the sparklies which helped a lot. I can’t say that having increased size for either of these items helps more than having sparklies, to be honest. Still! It’s welcome!

New Achievement: Emblematic: Earn any variety of Emblem.

Now, I heard that we were supposed to get achievements retroactively if we qualified for them, but I haven’t checked that for sure.

Also, this achievement is not listed in the official WoW Armory, as either achieved or not, as of this writing.

New Achievement: Green Brewfest Stein: Proud owner of the 2009 Vintage Green Brewfest Stein

Ugh. Which color did I get? I don’t remember…

The perky pug now barks regularly

Er, those sounds weren’t barks before?

The mouseover tooltip you get from the minimap icon for Dungeon Finder now shows you how long you’ve been in queue in addition to the average wait time

Ah, I cover this in the next post!

Hunters now hold their range weapon in the character selection screen



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  1. “‘The perky pug now barks regularly’

    Er, those sounds weren’t barks before?”

    Maybe what they are implying is that he now barks more often.

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