189 eggs

That’s what I collected yesterday when I realized that I was one item short of completing all the achievements from last year.

All I need is to find some Black Tuxedo Pants from an egg then I’m done!

So I spent a fair amount of time keeping an eye on egg spawn points (you can see my favorite spot below) and collected 189 eggs before it was time to raid.

In all that time/eggs I got, I kid you not, x2 of every other object I didn’t need. Two bunny ears, two spring dresses, two branches, &c. But zero pants.

And, yes, I know one may buy  them but buying them doesn’t satisfy the requirement of the achievement. They must be found from an egg proper.

That's me, as a bunny, in center of image

This is in Exodar. There are two spawn points at the rock I’m on (one of which goes unnoticed by people running around), one at the pink crystal left, two at the hut next to the crystal, and two at the forge far right—one of which always goes unnoticed by someone camping that area. There’s also one by the tree extreme far right but that’s usually snapped up immediately.


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