It’s … purple?

Behold! I got my fourth Tier 10 piece of Bloodmage Regalia the other day: The robe (see below). And look! It’s purple, not red! And the chains are kinda subtle, in that they’re not egregiously awful.

I didn’t expect this since the NPCs wearing the full set display as all red with chains out to here.

I’m not going to complain. At least not until I save up enough Frost Emblems for the hood.


I was in Icecream Citadel the other day and we were fortunate enough to get a bonus quest that we could complete right then and there.

I forgot where the turn-in was so after the battle with Mr. Sour Fang I immediately started to puzzle out where to turn the quest in at.

And thus I missed that there was a piece of Sanctified gear up for grabs. I didn’t roll in time, not even close.

But! In thinking about it, that wasn’t such a bummer because other people in the raid needed it much more than I did. And all I’d use it for would be to turn my shoulders sickly green instead of sickly yellow. Which is only slightly less sickly.

Posing with Nibelung


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