Paying attention

So I got asked to raid lead. Oops.

I say oops because up until now I kinda haven’t been paying attention—to other people. I’ve been pretty much focused on my role as mage/DPS in fights. I know what I should be doing, I know vaguely what other people should be doing especially as it relates to me, but really I’ve been focused on not letting anyone down in my own role because I don’t want to fuck things up and cause a wipe.

But if I’m asked to lead anything in the future I have to be up on two things:

  1. What other people have to do.
  2. Who these other people are in my guild.

Regarding 1, I believe it’s the leader’s responsibility to know minimally what’s going on and be at least familiar with what everyone’s role is in order to spot gross deficiencies and to make recommendations for adjustments in strategy if required.

That’s not to say someone should be intimately familiar with every aspect of every class, just familiar enough to know when things have gone tragically wrong.

Regarding 2, it would be nice to know who can tank, who can heal, and most complicated and confusing of all: Who has alts who can fill other roles, and who among them are geared well enough.

This is the aspect I find most daunting because the people in my guild are not shy of having geared level 80 alts. I have trouble enough keeping straight who’s an alt of what, let alone class and gear score.

But it’s time to buck up and learn, I dare say!


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