Blizzard’s Battle Plan–the most important item

Today Blizzard posted a recap of information we already knew. It “announces” Cataclysm and two new races and Operation Gnomeregan and so forth. Here’s the original post.

But at the bottom of the announcement was the key item:

Database Upgrades

With the addition of so many great new features, we wanted to make sure that our infrastructure was in place to fully support them. To that end, we will be performing additional database hardware upgrades prior to the release of Cataclysm. This will allow all players to experience this new expansion as intended.

While we do not have specific dates to share at this point in time, we will be working to communicate when these upgrades occur to ensure the best possible experiences during this time and continuing into the future.

This is key. Without proper infrastructure to accommodate new features the new features become torpedoes.

I wasn’t playing World of Warcraft when it launched and even I heard the vociferous complaints from people about not being able to play the game. Didn’t Penny Arcade remove WoW as its game of the year because of server issues?

Over the years those complaints lessened in severity with the severity of problems—but problems still remain. We’re plagued with item database server problems, in particular, and miscellaneous other problems usually involving authentication.

It’s unreasonable to expect 100% uptime and no difficulties, and really the server issues we experience have overall lessened, but it’s quite encouraging to know that hardware upgrades for the thing that causes the most problems is being addressed.

Without them there’s no Cataclysm, basically.

So that’s why I’m happiest with the last time. 😉


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