The best thing ever sold in the Blizzard store…

…is the Celestial Steed! Yes! Also some kind of pet or other.

I absolutely do not care that this is a for-pay mount and not an achievement mount, because I want this mount more than any other because it’s the best mount ever. How much is it? Because I’ll pay one million dollars…

Update: It’s $25. Sold American!

(And who am I kidding—I’ll probably get that pet too. What is it now? Some kind of … golem guy thingy something? Looks cute!)


Update two: It seems lots of folks are being hit with a queue. I just now visited the store here and got to the item easily enough, but I didn’t try to check out. But at the same time, those with huge queues are also saying that they’re getting in much more quickly than what the queue predicts.


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