The lore of Vashj’ir

Image courtesy WoWWiki

Of all the lore surrounding the birth of Azeroth as we know it today, the sunken city has most intrigued me so I’m delighted that Blizzard released their Vashj’ir Surviving the Depths Cataclysm update. I’m quite looking forward to seeing the city “for real” when it comes out.

The sunken city interested me mainly from wondering what happened after its collapse. What happened to its citizens and what was it like down there in the crushing depths? Well, we’re soon to find out!

If you want a primer on Vashj’ir I recommend  beginning with its queen, Lady Vashj, via the WoWWiki entry on her. It’s a short but interesting tale.

Are you a lore nerd? I kind of am, in that I’ve read it all (but no books) and am roughly familiar with it, but can never seem to call up specifics during casual conversation. I need to sit down and do some deep reading prior to Cataclysm to make sure I fully appreciate all that’s going on and refresh my memory.

Meanwhile: Celestial Steed! Wooo! 😉


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