On the matter of PDLC

That’s paid downloadable content. In WoW’s case the Celestial Steed, Lil’XT, gryphon pet, and suchlike.

I believe Blizzard is doing it exactly right: Cosmetic items only. These are items that offer no advantage in the game, at all, and do just one thing only—make people happy. It’s entirely voluntary.

I volunteered to pay for the Celestial Steed because it’s very awesome. I said when news about it leaked, thus long long before there was any hint that it would be for-pay, that I’d pretty much do whatever it took to get one. It turns out that includes paying real money for it.

The terribly wrong way to do it is to sell in-game items that have explicit use, like gold or gear. Lots of games sell these things because the main game is free and they have to make money somehow. I don’t have a problem with that at all and it’s a great way to get people into the game.

I recently downloaded a free MMO to my iPhone. After playing around with it a bit I realized the game wasn’t for me. But if I had liked it, I could buy additional dungeons and character slots and more to really get into the game—and if I’d bought everything it still would’ve been only a few dollars.

That scheme makes sense. How Blizzard is doing it makes sense too.

Everyone should be happy. 🙂


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