Needed mage UI improvements

So we fought Lady Deathwhisper (seen hailing a cab, right) last night and everything went pretty much as per normal.

And by that I mean there was a decursing discrepancy that I have gotten used to seeing. Namely, I decurse between two and three times more than anyone else in the fight. Last night, for example, I decursed 17 times and the next closest mage decursed three times. There were four mages in the fight.

The reason for this is simple: the Decursive addon. I’m not the Flash when it comes to zipping around the UI, this addon helps me decurse to the point that it’s strictly nominal for the fight. What if all four mages decursed a total of, say, five times during the fight?

That’s the problem. An addon is de facto necessary for the fight—even if only one mage has it, there has to be at least one mage that has it.

Lady Deathwhisper is the one fight in all of World of Warcraft where I’ve seen an addon make a definably concrete difference in how the fight is executed that trumps tactics and experience with the battle—and those are the two things that should trump everything else save character level.

The root of the failure is that the default UI is just terrible when it comes to indicating who in the raid has been cursed and it doesn’t help us decurse the afflicted member. So here are my suggestions for getting us off of “having” to use Decursive

Flag afflicted raid members prominently

Have you seen the default raid UI lately? Debuffs are noted by an icon appearing next to the character’s health meter in the raid window—even assuming you pop out the raid by groups. Unfortunately the icons are tiny and there is no audio alarm that someone’s been cursed, so it’s unreasonably difficult to expect to know when someone’s been cursed while also doing all the other things mages have to do during the battle (see this previous post on Spell Rotation for more information).

If debuff information was more prominently displayed we could get on the situation immediately. And to do that really merely bigger icons or a highlight around the profile (such as it is) in the pulled-out raid windows would be a significant boon.

That’s it.

Seriously. That’s all it would take to solve the problem and keep us from de facto having to install Decursive in order to competently prosecute the fight. All debuffs don’t even need to be noted, only the ones that we can do something about need highlighting.

Blizzard has said that they’re going to work on the UI for situations like this, where addons have, so some extent, become required in certain situations. Let’s hope this is one area, yes?


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