Professor Putricide

A hastily snapped pic

My guild faced him for the first time in a 10-man! It was very exciting because a number of us (including me) didn’t read up on strategy for him because we didn’t think we’d get that far so soon (soon relative to our other progress).

As you know from previous posts, my favoritest thing in the world is to discover something entirely new and explore it as a group. That wasn’t entirely the case here since we had some people who’d done it before on other characters and/or in other guilds, so we had someone to explain what to do, but it was still very exciting to experience something this new.

We got him down to 40% on I think it was our fourth (maybe fifth) try, which I think was pretty good for a first round of attempts having never set eyes upon him before. We went a few more rounds but the east coasters were getting tired after going twice more after staying up past midnight their time. What troopers!

We had a very good person on the slime pools drinking them up and having a good person doing that made a significant difference.

What to do as a mage?

Actually there’s not a lot to keep track of. DPS the slimes then DPS the boss. Win. At least that’s how I assume it goes since we didn’t actually win. 😉 Other than that for us it’s not a complicated fight duty-wise. You just have to keep on your toes and have good situational awareness.

I could do without the debuff that causes casting time to increase by 200%. I forget the name of it just now but man, that’s bananas.

I’m looking forward to our next attempt!


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  1. MAN, that was CRAZY fun! I’m hoping to figure out when we plan to go back in later in the week, because I gots to be there! There is such a thrill to enter unexplored territory and figure it out together as a team. Ahro’s FTW!

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