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Are you on Facebook? Gamasutra has an article that you’ll find interesting:

Blizzard’s platform will integrate with Facebook, letting players of all its games on the service use their friends lists on the social network to populate their friends lists.

The integration will roll out starting with StarCraft II, and will be tested alongside that game’s ongoing beta. As to whether the integration will use Facebook in other ways — as do games that let players post scores and activity updates to their profiles — Blizzard says that other features will be announced at a later date.

So it’ll be easier to find StarCraft II players and generally merge your roster with your Facebook roster. That’s not a bad thing really since I’m sure there’ll be people I know through Facebook who’re on but I don’t realize they’re on

But I don’t play StarCraft. Will this extend to World of Warcraft?

Blizzard plans to extend Facebook integration to its other titles, says Sams

Sweet. Read the aforelinked article for more details.


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