I abhor PvP

So I thought I would try to complete the School of Hard Knocks achievement this year. I have only that plus the one to do is the 50-kill winter one for the Long Strange Journey achievement.

I have never liked PvP and I abhor PvP achievement quests. Here’s a quick summary of why:

Griefers are despicable assholes and I don’t like being around them

Where do griefers hang out? It’s not downtown Dalaran or in your guild and not so much in randoms—it’s in PvP zones. My evidence for this is purely anecdotal but every time I’ve gone into one, with the sole exception of the time I merely had to enter the zone and cook something then leave, the play experience has been dominated by griefers.

Perhaps this is also because the only time I ever enter a PvP zone is for an achievement, which I’m told can bring out the griefers. Which segues into…

PvP achievements are a bad idea

I don’t mean “kill 1000 enemies” type achievements, I mean those that encourage PvEers to enter PvP zones. This is bad for everyone.

For people who enjoy PvP, their game is flooded with n00b assholes who A) don’t know what they’re doing and B) log off as soon as their achievement is done, leaving the side undefended and ruining the game for everyone.

For people who don’t enjoy PvP, their game is dragged down into an environment where they don’t care about the actual fight and will do whatever us minimally needed to get the achievement.

How does this help the game? Who benefits? Something people like is shat upon and something other people don’t like is at best endured.

And ten there’s this

I dislike PvP on a fundamental level. I dislike cooperative games where in order to win someone else has to suffer. In PvP the suffering is tangible in that when you die you have to wait to be resurrected—at a graveyard that is often camped by griefers which of course results in more not playing the game. It’s worse than corpse questing because at least then you’re doing something.

I understand that I’m in the minority—to say the least. Oodles of people enjoy PvP or at least don’t mind having to do it for achievements and have no perspective beyond that. 

I’m not asking the game to change around me. I wishing that I never have to be exposed to it ever again.

Oh, wait, since those PvP achievements for world events are optional then happy ending: I can ignore them forever, starting now and lasting for eternity.


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