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Today announced that they’ve taken down all the Alpha info they’ve been posting.

Well, good.

I, for one, don’t like to be spoiled in such a manner. I didn’t review any of the material they had there and much prefer to stick with official sources.

But, I can hear it from here: just because I didn’t want to read any of it doesn’t mean you didn’t want to read any of it, and it’s not fair that the information has been taken down.

First, it’s entirely fair because it’s not mmo-champion’s information, it’s not the alpha testers’, it’s Blizzard’s. It’s Blizzard’s to control and if people violate their NDAs by sharing information they’re not allowed to share, then that’s not fair to the stakeholder: Blizzard.

It’s up to Blizzard to decide what they share about their own products. We’re not owed any information—especially this far in advance of the product’s release.

Good for Blizzard for putting a cap on this and good for for complying.

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to speculating when Cataclysm is going to be released.


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