Worgen, you say…

Image courtesy Blizzard.

Blizzard (et al) released images of the worgens coming in Cataclysm.

Sure, I’ll make one so I can experience the starting zone and quests and everything, but since I’m a recovering altoholic I really shouldn’t roll up a worgen without the intention of actually playing it for a fair bit.

Thus the question becomes: Which class should I pick?

According to WoWWiki, here are the available choices: Death knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior.

Death Knight?

As previously described, I’m already working on a death knight so I’m really not up for making a brand new one, new race or no. Plus it would be counter productive to skip through the worgen starting area in favor of the death knight starting area.


I like the idea of druid very much and I like the idea of being a hybrid class now that hybrid classes are better than they once were (remember when they kinda sucked regardless of the class you picked?).

I’ve tried to start a druid twice and I’m not sure why but I can just never quite get into it. There’s nothing I can put my finger on—there’s just some kind of disconnect. Being a worgen wouldn’t mitigate that.


I have a hunter already, one of the alts I didn’t delete and a fine collection of pets she has, too. I rolled her up after tiring of being a healadin when paladins had no ranged attacks at all and had to use Linkin’s Boomerang.

Anyway, a hunter sounds very good as a class for the worgen because of the terribly obvious backstory: was out hunting one day and was bitten by a werewolf and, thus, worgenized. That may not conform to the official lore which says that all the people in Gilneas were cursed at the same time—but there’s certainly room for a normal human Gilneasan to be out and about on a hunting trip when the curse hits, yes?

And who says the curse didn’t manifest differently for everyone, and for this character as a werewolf bite? The big risk though is this is not necessarily an imaginative backstory.


I already have a mage…


This sounds like a difficult class to incorporate. Namely, how could a priest maintain faith in the face of an event that cursed an entire kingdom?

Still, someone who could transform themselves into a wolf when it’s time to put a divine beating on a monster would be interesting. As would someone trying to keep their faith despite what’s happened. Perhaps the character’s goal is to smite enough monsters to reverse the curse? Hmm. That could be doable….


I rolled a rogue and played ’till I think 13th or so level. Nothing against the class but it didn’t grab me enough to keep going (even though 13th level isn’t a fair enough shake, even I would be quick to argue).

But what about a worgen rogue? It fits the theme well enough, with a wolfish solo out to claw and strike quickly. Wolves hunt in packs but with the curse it’s actually more of a solo existence so I could see it working. In the end though hunter and priest sound more appealing.


This would be a good choice because I think if I were cursed the first thing I’d do is try to reverse it, and that means dark magic, and dark magic means warlock.

So, in a way, a warlock is almost an obvious a choice as hunter, with the benefit of not being quite so stereotypical.

And I enjoy roleplaying warlocks—I got one up to, oh, 39th I think it was? Somewhere around that area, and I played another on the Horde side until the low 30s or 40s. The only reason I haven’t followed through is to cut down on my altoholism.


Another apparent choice because if anything werewolves are tenacious fighters and, if Jack Nicholson’s character in Wolf is to be believed, fiercely protective of their territory. That makes warrior a good choice.

But I’m already doing the tank thing with my death knight. I played a warrior until the 20s or so and it, too, didn’t grab me as much as some aforementioned classes.

And the winner is…

Hunter. I know there will be ten trillion worgen hunters from the first hour Cataclysm’s servers are up, but this is the class I think I can get behind. Warlock is an extremely close second choice but having already played a couple other warlocks in a near roleplaying fashion I’d like to try roleplaying a hunter more.


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  1. Druids do indeed suck until level 30 or so, IMHO. But I was leveling in feral spec, maybe that was a bad choice.

  2. Here’s the best reason to roll a Worgen hunters: Their level 1 starting pet is a Mastiff.

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