It’s cursed! Currrrsed!

Tonight was a very productive night! I lead the weekly quest which was nice, but then we went on to ICC 10 where I was not only top DPS on my meter but also top damage dealer too! How about that! Those two usually don’t correlate, oddly enough.

I was the only mage so I gave strüdel to everyone, and I was master looter so I gave everyone phat lootz too! And by “phat” I mean cursed. I’ll explain: I was staying behind rummaging through Lord Marrowgar’s pocketses dispensing the loot like gum from a parade float while the rest of the gang went upstairs to begin dealing with the fine ladies and gentlemen guarding Lady Deathwhisper (a busy fight for one mage). Here’s what happened as soon as I passed out the last of the loot:

As a bonus, some of the dialogue before the fight.

The inescapable conclusion is that the Sliver of Pure Ice is a cursed item and should be avoided at all costs. Ye be forewarned!

And later…

Once we got to Mr. Sourfang I summoned my mammoth with Gnimo on it so everyone could repair and replenish depleted reagents. Gnimo makes a geary sound whenever he’s accessed and judging by the sounds I do believe the whole raid used my esteemed passenger’s skills and merchandise. And, of course, a portal at the end of the night’s activities rounded out the giving campaign.

Tonight was all about being of service and I must say it was nice to do things for everyone and be of use. I trust everyone had fun! 🙂


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