Mage strategy for Festergut

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Good news, everyone! Here are some mage-type tips for Festergut!

Festergut is probably the first big boss you’ll handle in the Plague Wing of Icecream Citadel because it’s an easier fight than Rotface.

Festergut and his twin brother, Rotface, will train you well enough for the tough battle with Professor Putricide, who’s the boss of the Plague Wing.

Anyway, what do mages need to know about Festergut? Two things:

  1. Get the spore buffs.
  2. It’s a DPS race.

Stay Out

The basic strategy for Festergut is this: Get the spore buffs and DPS until dead. To facilitate this, the raid divides into two groups: In and Out people. In people, i.e. melee DPS, stand in the middle of Festergut’s hitbox, right underneath his dongle.

Out people—you—stand in the room away from Festergut but close to healing. Spread out because Festergut randomly targets Out people with an AoE attack (explained later).

OK, that’s the basic setup. Here’s the important part:

Every so often Spores will appear over randomly chosen raid members but usually one or two spores among the In people, and one or two among the Out people.

The spores appear over the heads of the chosen and look like brown puffed out blowfish. They are huge—there’s no mistaking them and they’re easily visible by everyone. After a five or so seconds the spores explode, giving everyone near the spore a buff that will reduce the damage of one of Festergut’s raid-wide attacks that comes later.

You need three buffs before the raid-wide attack. Fewer than that and you’re likely to die. There will be three episodes of spores before the raid-wide attack so if you go where you’re supposed to you’ll have no problem getting buffed three times.

Thus, the whole raid needs to clump underneath spores one way or the other on three separate occasions. Since one spore (usually) appears underneath Festergut the In people (usually) don’t have to do anything. The Out people need to move—immediately—to get underneath a spore before it explodes. It’s a good idea to arrange rally points that everyone will run to when the spores come so everyone’s not running pell mell all over the place. It’s common to put a rally point at 2 o’clock and at 4 o’clock and to mark those points with colored smoke. Get a spore or see a spore, run to the smoke closest to you.

Why doesn’t everyone just stay clumped all the time? Because Festergut randomly targets an Out person to begin puking in a dramatic AoE fashion. Anyone caught in the puke spray (12 feet in all directions) begins puking as well and if too many people puke that’s too many people kept from DPSing Festergut before he goes berserk and kills everyone in the raid.

Thus, all of the Out people must spread out and only come together when there is a spore.

The Secret

As a mage it’s advantageous to stand in one place as much as possible to keep the DPS stream steady. Since this is a DPS race, it’s double important. But you’ll have to move to get a spore buff.

Unless, of course, everyone comes to you.

As a mage, try to argue for being a living rally point and stand at the 4 o’clock position so that when the spores come everyone’s coming to your position whether you have the spore or not. This way you can keep up the DPS no matter what happens. Theoretically, you could spend the entire battle in one place going through your rotation. Win!

And there’s a reason to advocate for this: Festergut is a DPS race and as a mage you should be a DPS leader. If the fight takes too long he goes berserk and kills everyone so the longer you stand in one place the sooner Festergut dies.

If not…

If you can’t be one of the people everyone runs to, you can still keep your DPS up while on the run.

First, instant casts. Anything you got that you can cast on the run is win. It seems like I see mages forget about them all the time. Don’t be one of them! Instant cast while you’re running!

Second, blink. What the hell are you running for, anyway? You’re a mage! If you get a spore or want to hide under one, blink to it. You can safely blink with a spore attached to your head—it won’t fall off. It’s dug into your head a like a tick. Blinking will help everyone because the sooner you get to the rally point the better it is for the entire raid.

And there’s this: Every now and again two spores will appear next to each other among the Out group. One of those people has to run to the rally point that (when it happens) seems like it’s on the other side of the room.

There’s no time—blink to the other rally point. Don’t think or announce it or wait for someone to tell you or, gods forbid, you wait on the other guy to make up his mind. Take the lead, use blink, solve the problem—win. By the time anyone reaches for their push-to-talk button to say anything, you’ve already solved the issue by being at the rally point.

Third, stop. If you have a spore and when you get to the rally point stop moving. Everyone is coming to you so you don’t have to move to accommodate them and you don’t have to be perfect. If you move around after you’ve reached the rally point, even a couple steps, then you confuse everyone since they won’t know what the hell you’re up to, and that causes stress. Every second in a DPS race counts so the sooner you stop moving the sooner you can resume your rotation. Remember, if enough time goes by Festergut goes berserk and kills everyone in the raid. Stopping at the rally point or even close to it saves lives!

Zoom out

Get your camera all the way out so you can see where the spores are and what’s happening. Situational awareness of where the spores are is an important thing. If you get it, you need to know where to blink to.

Final tips

Remember the puking described above? If you’re a human, you can Every Man for Himself out of the attack. If you’re not, you can Ice Block out of the attack. Either one will get you back to DPSing. It’s quite possible to be afflicted with the puke three or four times during a fight so try to keep one of these tricks handy if you start puking during Heroism.

That’s about all you need to know as a mage!

Good luck!


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  1. There is an even better Mage cheat for this encounter. Ignore all spores and keep dps-ing. When he starts to cast “pungent blight” use iceblock to survive with zero innoculations. Your group with decent dps plus the new 20% buff will have him dead before 2nd blight. Also human racial “Every Man for Himself” will pop you out of vomiting.

    • I tried that a couple times but missed the timing and nearly got myself kilt violent! So I stick with the tried ‘n’ true since it’s not -that- critical. 😉 And it breaks up the action too.

  2. I’d suggest making the dumbest two people in the raid the rallying points. It’s obvious that some people will never know what’s going on, and depending on them to run to the right place is a recipe for disaster. 😉

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