Using an iPad with WoW

One may not play WoW on an iPad (yet; see here)  there are some useful things you can do on an iPad while you play.

Inside of Game

The most obvious thing is to use the iPad as a web resource so you’re not tying up your game machine. Certainly you can Command-m to turn WoW from full screen to windowed and have Safari (or other browser) open in the background, but that’s less than optimum. (Speaking of, is it true that in Windows there’s no key combination to switch between full screen and windowed mode from within WoW?)

You could go with two monitors, or using the handy app Air Display to make your iPad into a second monitor, but you’re still faced with having to use resources that should be going to running the game not to tooling around the Internets.

So the best thing is to view the web with an independent device on a handy screen that’s neither too big nor too small and that spells iPad.


The Notes app is a very handy way to keep track of gear you need from an instance, people you need to send mats or gold to, and all around record keeping for all your WoW needs. I keep track of quite a bit using Notes and having it right there next to me on my iPad has been really useful. The fact that it syncs with your iPhone makes it all the better.

I Want to Go to There

What are some good sites to keep open on your iPad? Principally reference sites. What you most need to do is look something up while you’re playing the game. To whit:

WoWHead — Easily the WoW database with the best interface. If you’re using anything else then you’re doing it wrong.

Gear Wishlist — This is very useful to keep by your side as you’re running a raid, or when deciding which raid to run next, and it’s even a nice companion when you first pop into a random heroic.

WoW Heroes — This is the site my guild uses for gear checks into Icecream Citadel. This is a good one to keep open if you need to gear check someone but don’t want to rely in an add-on to give you the information (aside from the fact that such add-ons are easy to spoof with, of course, other add-ons).

A quick aside: I’m not in favor of gear checking people in a PUG at all. The system matches people appropriately and it works. Just concentrate on your role and everything should go OK. However, we do gear check guildies to understand who all can/should come to Icecream Citadel with us.

Guild Forum — Your guild has a forum, right? If not, you’re doing it wrong. And when something insane has just happened and you’re still in a lather about it is when you should jump onto the forums to share your thoughts on the matter, right?

Outside of Game

Sadly, there is a practical limit to the amount of time one may spend inside WoW—maintenance is every Tuesday morning. What about then? Your iPad still has a role.

WoW Armory — The Armory app has not been updated for the iPad and using a non-optimized interface is, well, not optimum. Best then to use the right and proper website.

And, of course, you can pony up the $3 a month to have Auction House access—but know this: You cannot access the WoW app from two devices, only one can be authorized at one time. So while you may have the app on your iPhone which was automatically synced to your iPad when you got it, you may only use it on either the iPhone or iPad, but not both.

Personally, I chose iPhone. I have that with me more often than I do my iPad (though just barely).

But wait, there’s more!

As of this writing there is only one iPad-specific WoW-related app, WoW: Reference Guide, which is to be avoided for its uselessness. However, this fellow said via his Twitter feed that he was updating his app to be iPad-specific.

Soon enough, I suspect, there will be more choices for us that are designed for the iPad (there are more than a few for the iPhone already). Now if only those developers would get on it!


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  1. Your link for Gear Wishlist doesn’t seem to be correct.

  2. Thanks… that’s just what I need.

  3. Although it seems confused about me dual-wielding 2h axes. 🙂

  4. “(Speaking of, is it true that in Windows there’s no key combination to switch between full screen and windowed mode from within WoW?)”

    Good question! I dunno, as I usually leave it in full-screen or windowed mode forever. Windowed-mode seems to degrade my framerate a bit, so I use full-screen on my desktop pc (ie: raiding computer). I’ve got the windowed-mode up all the time on my laptop, super handy with wowhead & whatnot.

    I’m not sure having a 2nd device next to me on the couch would be very useful, seems like having it all in one computer would be less clutterific.

  5. Alt-Enter will move from windowed mode and back in Windows, in almost any program.

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