Sindragosa killed!

Ahrotahntee posing before the corpse of Sindragosa

After what seemed like a terrifically long struggle, we finally killed the malevolent ice dragon Sindragosa—the last barrier between us and the Lich King!

I’ve been away from Spell Rotation for awhile because it felt like I was waiting for something to happen—this is it! I’m back! Yay!

In this particular instance lockout we still have to kill Blood Queen Lana’thel, but that’s more a formality than anything else by this point. We went to Sindragosa first since we’ve been concentrating on her recently then did the other bosses.

As a bonus, we downed her on my real-life birthday! Huzzah! There is very much happiness.

Whew. What a fight. I feel like a weight’s been lifted!

Our strategy

I assume you’re mildly familiar with the fight, having read or watched a strategy at least somewhere that generally addresses things. If not…

The strategy on WoWHead is a great overview.

We tried the Zerg Offense tactic, which is simply this: In Phase Two, everyone DPSes the boss and ignores all other concerns except healing the tank. If you get entombed, run away from the rest of the group to die. That’s it. DPS Sindragosa down like you’ve never DPSed anything before until she’s dead as quickly as you can theoretically manage. I recommend using Heroism literally the very second Phase Two begins.

We killed her in Phase Two after only two tombs formed. I kid you not.

And mages…

Use all your cooldowns at the very beginning of the fight—but then don’t use any until Phase Two. Not a single one. You’re going to need two things the Very First Second of Phase Two: 1) All your cooldowns and 2) All your mana.

The time to refresh mana is in Phase One, just as Sindragosa is flying away and the two people are being entombed. If it’s not you being entombed, use Evocate to get yourself up. If it is you, no worries—you’ll recover all your mana while you’re in the tomb so sit back and relax.

And don’t worry about Evocating the second she takes to the air and before you find out who the two to be entombed are. You can interrupt your own Evocate to get into position for the tomb and still recover all your mana. After you’ve done the fight a few times you’ll know when to Evocate completely safely, that is the window after she takes off, after the two entombed get their arrows, and before you have to hide behind them.

Regardless, by the time Phase Two hits you should be at full mana no matter what. Use a gem and/or a potion. Whatever you gotta do, but it’s your responsibility to have all your mana to take full advantage of what’s about to come.

Having full mana is important because when you get Heroism you have to use all your cooldowns right then and there—particularly Icy Veins. I rocketed the DPS out right at the beginning of Phase Two like my hands were engine bells on the Space Shuttle and I swear I was down to 25% mana in a picosecond. I was glad I had all I had.

Of course, you have to have elite DPS to pull the Zerg Offense off, and you have to be able to tolerate lots of Unchained Magic stacks (I got up to 25!) because by that point I cared fuck all about anything other than killing that dragon, but if you can burn her double quick it won’t matter. This proved to be the winning strategy for us after many tries. (Actually probably not as many as I think, but each fight is so long that even making four attempts feels like a two-night affair.)

Easy does it

The time you don’t need to freak out on DPS is in Phase One. Slow and steady wins the race. All you’re trying to do in Phase One is to get her to Phase Two. If you have enough DPS in your party you don’t need to panic about it, just damage her, hide behind the tombs, repeat until Phase Two begins then you go berserk. If you get Unchained Magic in Phase One then that’s actually a good thing as that will mitigate your mana expenditures.

And don’t forget to Frost Ward. That can make a difference.


I feel like we really accomplished something tonight and I feel proud. I feel much better than when we killed Professor Putricide (which took a long time in my particular case even though others in the guild had done ‘im a bunch) because Professor Putricide is an execution-heavy fight. To put some hyperbole on it, it doesn’t matter who you bring to the fight as long as they know what they’re doing and can react, and learning what to do is practically the whole battle (and avoiding bad luck).

But with Sindragosa a number of things have to align:

  • Everyone in the party must be elite. Gear matters. Skill matters. You have to know how to play your class—for real.
  • No one can fuck up. If anyone fucks up then you won’t have enough for Phase Two. Worse, if someone fucks up it’s painfully obvious who it was—there’s (or should be) a lot of peer pressure because each fight is such an undertaking just to get to Phase Two, which is where everyone fucks up.
  • It’s deceptively execution heavy even with the Zerg Offense so everyone still can’t fuck up.

So I think if I were to pick a theme for the Sindragosa fight for mages it would be this: DPS and don’t fuck it up. As a mage you’re going to lead the meter in DPS and Phase Two is nothing at all but a massive DPS race, so a lot’s riding on your ability to zap her dead quick.

Do it. Kill her—the Lich King is next.

And that’s going to be really tough.


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