RealID,, and Blizzard’s point of view

Here’s what Blizzard told USA Today back in May: when talking about’s integration with Facebook. I wonder if any of this discussion applies to the recent unpleasantness with the forums?

Yes. Yes, it does.

This reinforces my view that there is nothing that any number of people can post in the forum to alter this policy. It’s done.

Anyway, here are two questions and their answers—emphasis mine:

How did this development come about?

Go back to the previous, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam and other different networks in the context of gaming services. they are all kind of anonymous. That whole veil of anonymity has been an important part of the design. There are those who feel like I want to go escape and create this parallel identity to myself on a gaming network and I don’t want anyone to know who I am in real life. What we have seen in recent years is that veil of anonymity has been cast aside largely. Culturally, I think we have become more and more accepting of social networking in the context of your real identity and Facebook, of course as the leader in the space, has led this charge. We’re now at something five years ago I don’t think any of us would maybe necessarily be comfortable with. We all now have our own Facebook pages and we have got a lot of our information on there. We’ve got our real names and pictures of ourselves on there and so forth.


Do you expect any push back from diehard Blizzard fans from the Facebook features?

We don’t anticipate any. We are going to be very clear and upfront with the user. Once they log in and create a account for the first time, if they choose to participate in Real ID, it is of course, an optional set of features that you don’t have to participate in. Beyond that we are going to notify them upfront their names could be used to populate via Facebook and how their names could be used via this Facebook feature.

‘Any.’ Heh.


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