Cataclysm beta, the first night

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Did you go to Blizzcon—or see screenshots or videos of the beta experience we were allowed to play there? I played the beta up until that point began.

So that means that when you start your character you don’t start in Duskhaven, you start in Gilneas, with the events at Blizzcon coming later. And that’s pretty much all the spoiler story-wise I’m going to share.  😉


Rather than go on about what all went on in the story—which is good by the way—I’ll concentrate on neutral topics. First up: Providing feedback.

You can see from the image above (after you enlarge it) providing feedback is easy and covers all the bases. Also included is a point at the end of the feedback tree that allows you to enter comments. I’ve used the comment area a few times myself, once for a complaint and twice for praise.

Gilneas (gil-NAY-us)

The future home of my for-real character

I don’t want to go on about Gilneas but I’ll say that I found it to be distinctive and interesting. As you might know from previous material, like the WoWWiki article, Gilneas is modeled after Victorian England but with a dash of WoW fantasy. I like it. I like it a lot. I’d like very much to keep my hearthstone there forever when I roll my worgen hunter for real.

And below is one of the Gilnean women I met during my travels.


I didn’t have much time to chat on account of things in the city that demanded my attention, but I look forward to re-visiting the city under more leisurely circumstances.

A word of caution

I was going to go on a photo tour of the city but was anxious to begin the first quest. I figured I had plenty of time to do it afterward.

Unfortunately there’s an early quest that will phase your character. I would advise taking your pictures sooner rather than later. I’m not saying that the landscape of the city changes or anything that drastic at all, I’m just saying that it would have been easier to take pictures before I got to that quest. 😉


Even hunters have them! I was very pleased with the new spellbook…

Beastmastery page before any training

I especially like how it details when you’ll learn a new skill. As you can see, most everything unlocks at 10th level. However, there are still things to train prior to that, it’s just that only Beastmastery things you see here that unlock at that time.

Mousing over the Weapons icon

I absolutely love this. It’s a small touch, but very welcome. I remember being confused about what weapons I could actually use when I was starting out, and also after I started an alt and wasn’t quite sure what I should keep an eye out for later on.

This should be a great boon for new players as well.

Professions described

The descriptions aren’t yet complete but this is another good thing, especially for new players—and Cataclysm players who want to know what Archeology is about. I’m anxious to read the description too. 😉


I was much pleased with the early quests. It will involve you in an important situation from the beginning, has short side quests that are easy to do with the main storyline quests, introduces characters who further explain what Gilneas is all about, and the material doesn’t bog down in miscellany.

The quests are quick, easy, and some of them are genuinely challenging without being frustrating.

I’m liking what I’m seeing—a lot.

Next up…

Goblins—and some more worgen action. I’m not going to play a goblin when Cataclysm releases because my guild and friends are all on the Alliance side. Thus, this is the time to get in as much goblin playing as I care to!


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