Goblin beta first impressions


What fun!

I played the goblin starting area the other night. Here are some things I noticed right away.

(As always: No spoilers!)

Clearer goal

Compared to the worgen, the goblin start is clearer because it puts you in a definite role. In fact, the first NPC lays everything out for you: You’re here to do this thing and welcome to it!

The worgen area, on the other hand, does not cast you in a role but asks you to help with a problem that’s affecting the whole city. You’re still you with your own goals and desires, but as long as you’re here would you mind helping us out with this thing? Thanks!

The goblin starting area is more personal, the worgen area more epic. You have a role to play no matter what you do, it’s just that the goblin area is more focused on you personally and the worgen area is focused on how you affect the world around you.

The Hot Rod

Pictured above, of course, is the goblin hot rod. This is excellent. Great fun! The hot rod is something you use to complete an early quest—but you get to keep it after the quest is complete.

You can run over goblin NPCs! There’s a quest that involves visiting a location that has a long line of goblins and, yes, you can plow through them all! When you strike a goblin the jump into the air and say “ouch” and land on their feet then return to their previous spot. No harm done!

I have no doubt that this quest item will disappear as soon as I leave the starting area, but for as long as I have access to it, I’m using it to go everywhere. I’d use it to cross a room if it wasn’t so big that it wouldn’t fit everywhere I go.


The goblin area is full of goblin personality. I got a much stronger sense of what it means to be a goblin much more quickly than I did as a worgen. From a roleplaying sense, a goblin is easier to portray because there’s more of a guideline for what to do and how to behave.

At the same time…

Goblins suffer from homogeneity. All goblins are stereotypes and, pretty much, they’re all the same and all concerned with one thing: Money. If anything, goblins are the ferengi of World of Warcraft.

If you liked the ferengi in Deep Space Nine then you’ll feel right at home playing a goblin in World of Warcraft. I’m not so much into them myself but I’m not letting that stop me from having fun in the zone.

The Future

I’m definitely going to continue playing the goblin and seeing where all it goes. Among other things, I’m interested in finding out at what point I get to start playing my own character. 😉


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  1. Hey, could you be more specific by telling what’s the name of the q and where to get it?

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