New Cataclysm mage cloth outfits

Behold! Our friends at have posted pics of a new dungeon set. Now, they say that these aren’t class-specific sets, or even that they have any sort of set bonus or anything. Right now today they’re just pieces of gear you can get in five-man dungeons that happen to match. So with that in mind, let’s have a look!

Cataclysm cloth set for mages

Image courtesy MMO-Champion

Cataclysm cloth set black

Image courtesy MMO-Champion

Pictured left, a new Cataclysm mage set, in red.

Pictured right, another cloth set, perhaps not specifically for mages, in black.

The Good

It’s a right and proper witch’s hat! One of the things I’ve always wanted is a witch’s hat that was actually usable long term and not cosmetic. A dungeon set fills that bill.

Good uniform look. This set looks like a set even if it isn’t one. I like how it blends and it’s more subtle than the detestable Bloodmage Regalia.

It has a distinctive silhouette. There’s no mistaking that hat combined with those shoulders.

The Bad

Where in the world does this fascination with obscuring faces come from? Is it because there are so few customizations available that it’s better that no one see our faces at all?

Combine the upturned brim on the witch’s hat and the mask and the outfit looks a little wild western bandity.


This is not a set that I would personally pull off the rack and take home—but I do appreciate the overall aesthetic. It’s not horrifically garish which I deeply appreciate but at the same time is distinctive.

Being a completest in such matters though I’ll no doubt get the whole outfit to go with the witch’s hat. Perhaps this would make a good outfit to wear around Dalaran when not in a dungeon?


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  1. what is that armor set called?

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