Larimaine Purdue, portal trainer

It’s a long time until Cataclysm and whatever mage news does appear is likely to change between now and release. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new to do—we just have to make it up!

So without further ado, here is the beginning of some lore behind the denizens of the wizards’ tower in Stormwind. Who are they? Why are they in the tower? We don’t know whether they’ll survive Cataclysm so perhaps this is our last look at them. Even if they do survive their lives will be changed so now is our opportunity to get to know them before the terrible event. So, welcome to this first-ever Spell Rotation multi-part series…

Stormwind Wizards

Larimaine Purdue, portal trainer, Stormwind wizards' tower

Larimaine Purdue

Part 1: Larimaine Purdue, portal trainer

Larimaine can be found at the top floor of the wizards’ tower and teaches young mages how to create portals.


Larimaine grew up in Stormwind and has a deeper connection to the city than most, even more than elderly people who have lived for generations within its walls. She feels as though she’s lived in Stormwind as far back as when the first stones of the keep were being laid. This is impossible since she’s nowhere near that old, but in her dreams she walks the early dirt paths of Stormwind before they were cobbled, knows the giant trees in the Park as saplings, and can see the tiny houses and close families what would be replaced by multi-story buildings and the throng of strangers.

Sometimes, when she has a touch of fever or is stressed, her dreams contain whispers of the future of Stormwind too. To try to explain her visions Larimaine initially thought she might be the reincarnation of someone who lived in Stormwind’s distant past—but this cannot be for she remembers more than one lifetime’s worth of events. And this would not explain her visions of the future in any case.

Instead, she believes that she has a spirit coupled to her that’s somehow tied to the land without being caught in the river of time. While all living things run their course along the river she believes there might be those who sit on the bank and can see the whole affair of time flow past them, and thus be able to dip in at any point and back out again. One dip could be decades or even centuries from the next, but this wonder would be lost on something that had never been carried by time in the first place.

Naturally she doesn’t have any evidence for her theory but she’s convinced of it just the same.

Why Larimaine? She doesn’t believe she’s special, just in the right (or wrong) place to hear the whispers of a spirit outside of time. At least this is what she tells other mages. Deep down, however, she fears that perhaps she is not as tied to the river of time as other living creatures. She has just begun to notice that she isn’t aging as quickly as others, particularly her scholarly partner Magister Dumas. As wrinkles have appeared around his eyes, Larimaine has remained as beautiful as she was two decades ago.

She’s gone to other mages for advice but there hasn’t been much to give. Her visions aren’t specific enough to act upon and only mundane activities are viewed in any case.

The Recurring Dream

Except for one thing. For the first time in her life she has a recurring vision, or impression, of the land being consumed by fire. Not just the land that Stormwind rests upon but the entire continent—perhaps even the whole world. She dreams of a monster who delivers this fire but the name or even what the nature of the creature is she cannot say. Larimaine has likened it to a dragon, but that’s only because fire-breathing dragons is the most common and natural association.

Nevertheless, scholars and sages outside the tower who predict the return of Deathwing are taking Larimaine’s visions as confirmation of their theories.

Whether anything she has seen comes true—and what Stormwind’s fate or role in it all will be—remains to be seen.

Larimaine as a Mage

Larimaine is easily the most inquisitive of the mages in the tower, reveling in finding lost or, even better, undiscovered magic. Thus, the most experimental spells come off her desk.

She and Maginor Dumas make a good team, for he is as calm, calculating, and methodical as she is unscholarly, impulsive, and is a terribly sloppy records keeper.

Coming in part two: Maginor Dumas.


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