Treasures of Icecrown Citadel

A very dangerous place

We’ve all (by now) been hitting Icecream Citadel for a good long while—and yet there are still treasures that have yet to drop, eh? Well, treasures that’ve dropped and that we’ve won the roll on.

What am I still waiting for? Let’s have a quick look!

10-person Frostwing Halls

I have to go all the way to Valithria Dreamwalker for Lich Wrappings, a cloak. I’m currently wearing Volde’s Cloak of the Night Sky which is a higher ilevel and offers greater spell power, but one thing the wrappings have that’s attractive is haste, which I need more of (I always seem to be short of haste). I think I’d be willing to swap out for a lower-level item for the haste. I certainly can afford to lose Volde’s crit.

Next is Sindragosa who has Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker and Marrowgar’s Frigid Eye. The Eye would replace my Loop of the Endless Labyrinth and afford me greater haste—but this is a priest ring (with +mana) so the chances of my actually getting it are slim. Still, it’s on the list just in case. Crazier things have happened. The choker is nice since it offers a precious additional one point of haste.

The Crimson Halls

The excitable Prince Valanar is holding my Wand of Ruby Claret for me. It would improve upon my Lana’thel’s Bloody Nail by replacing +crit with +haste.

Frozen Throne

Of course the Lich King has Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love which everyone wants.

25-man Lower Spire

Not surprisingly 25-man Icecream Citadel holds more treasures than does 10-man. Deathbringer Saurfang has the Greatcloak of the Turned Champion waiting for me which essentially replaces the +crit I have with the ever-lovely +haste.

The foulness of Festergut has Plague Scientist’s Boots which are much better than the Icecrown Spire Sandals I’m currently wearing. Probably pretty stinky though…

Festergut’s partner Rotface is my go-to guy for goods. He has the exceedingly awesome Dislodged Foreign Object somewhere within his folds and I want it, as it would give me the single biggest boost to haste that the Citadel offers with an astounding +155. He also has the Corpse-Impaling Spike which I need because corpses can’t be trusted.

Frostwing Halls

Back to Valithria Dreamwalker for Frostbinder’s Shredded Cape and Nightmare Ender, a wand. While the cape (of course) offers haste the wand is on the list merely because it offers the simplest of upgrades to what I have.

A ring I’m rather fond of is in Sindragosa‘s grip, the Memory of Malygos.

The Crimson Halls

Prince Valanar has two things: the Shadow Silk Spindle, a wand, and of course Valanar’s Other Signet Ring which I’m fine with having, I don’t need his main one, I guess.

Blood Queen Lana’thel, apparently not one for modesty, has Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker but more importantly she has Dying Light, a wonderful staff that would add oodles of haste.

The Frozen Throne

Last but far from least the Lich King has two items: the sword Bloodsurge, Kel’Thuzad’s Blade of Agony and the staff Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas. I’m normally a staff wielder (since building a combination of a main hand and off-hand seems too difficult compared with finding a decent staff) but I would happily have nothing in my off hand if it meant my being able to wield Bloodsurge.

The Number One Thing?

More than anything what I want out of Icecream Citadel is the Kingslayer title. I would be perfectly happy having that but none of these objects as long as it meant I saw the Lich King’s corpse at my feet!


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