Armory mobile app = teh awesomez

Mobile Armory (iPhone)

I must say I’m having fun with the latest WoW Armory Mobile app. I’m using the one on the iPhone and it’s a hoot.

One of the latest updates is a 3D viewer in which you can select from a wide variety of animations and poses and snap a picture (see example, right). It looks positively gorgeous on the iPhone’s Retina Display, let me tell you.

If you’ve ever experimented with PrintWarcraft before you know the drill.

Another new feature is in-game activity. You may already know that you can view any character’s activity through an RSS feed. It’s true! Go to the web-based Armory and find a character and you’ll see an RSS feed link there. In-game activity includes things like achievements and acquisition of significant magic items. It’s stalkerrific!

Professions were added as well. Oddly, I didn’t know they weren’t there before but I’m glad they’re there now!

Item icons indicated rarity with colored borders now. Quite handy.

And all this is of course in addition to the guild info, calendar, Auction House, leaderboards, item browser, talent calculator that’s already in the app.

But the feature I’m most looking forward to? Guild Chat. Yes. It’s coming to the app and I can not wait. This will be enormously helpful as well as entertaining.


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