New Cataclysm Pets

Cataclysm is bringing a slew of new pets as rewards for guild achievements, professions, and more. How about a handy evaluation of all of ’em (list and pictures courtesy of MMO-Champion)? I thought you’d like that!

Guild Pets

These pets are all acquired via guild achievements.

Armadillo Pup

The Armadillo Pup is acquired when the guild achieves the Critter Kill Squad achievement—which is killing 50,000 critters.

I find this pet to me largely…meh. I don’t have a particular affinity for armadillos, nor do I dislike them.

But if this pet could roll itself up into a ball during its idle animation I would totally be into it because that’s the cutest thing ever.

Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix is yours if your guild gets 55 exalted reputations.

I must have this pet because it’s the most beautiful pet in history. It’s gorgeously purple, which makes it gorgeously awesome and a must-have.

Getting that many exalted reputations is going to be difficult if it’s true that only reputations gained after Cataclysm releases are counted. Which…I find rather hard to believe because are there even 55 new reputations? No, so are the 55 going to have to be gained by new characters? Does this mean we’ll have to level all our alts so they can level reps? Corollary: with the 600 cap will this make creating alts more difficult?

I don’t care—it’s purple and I want it.

Guild Herald

The Guild Page appears if your guild earns a bunch of PvP achievements.

If you need yet another reason to avoid doing PvP: behold! This person is as creepy as hell and I’ll have no part of him!

Fortunately, I don’t PvP so my conscience will be clear: I won’t be contributing to bringing this monstrosity into the guild! The other pet, Guild Herald (not pictured) appears after the guild’s looted 100K from creatures. I can’t help but contribute to that, but this guy? Bleah!


Pebble is the reward for completing the Lost in the Deeps daily quest 10 times.

This is an escort quest and I don’t yet know how tedious it’ll be, but it can’t be too bad because it’s a daily…right?

Right! I’m going with that assumption so I’m looking forward to having Pebble getting stuck in my shoe sooner or later. I do wonder what his idle animation’s going to be though…

Profession pets

Do you have skills? Mad skills? It doesn’t matter because a lot of these are rare drops.

Clockwork Gnome

Archeology will dig up the rare Clockwork Gnome.

I’m a bit jaded when it comes to random rare pets after my failed effort to get Mr. Pinchy.

But I think I’ll lurv on Archaeology more than making the trek to Shattrath City so it’s actually more likely that I’ll find this guy regardless of its rarity compared to Mr. Pinchy.

As to looks, I’m more on the take-or-leave side.

Crawling Claw

Like above, the Crawling Claw is a rare find for archaeologists.

Anyone who says they don’t want the Crawling Claw is clearly lying and should be avoided in future interactions because this pet is awesome. As opposed to the gnome above I’ll actually be looking for this one.

The mystic vapor issuing from its wrist promises many delightful leers.

De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion

Engineer? Then you’ll want to make the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion straight away.

And since I’m a mage, of course I have to have one (assuming it can be shared) because what else am I going to pull out of my pointy hat?

Also, I like bunnies. It’s my favorite polymorph form and use it all the time (if “all the time” means “during the Lady Deathwhisper fight in Icecream Citadel”) on my guildmates.

Elementium Geode

Miner? Then you’ll eventually spring the Elementium Geode out of a chunk of…elementium? Sure.

My former main character was a miner and I used the addon Gatherer to help me keep track of nodes—until I realized that I didn’t need the addon because all it could do was tell me what I (soon enough) already knew, where the nodes were, but not what I really needed to know, which was whether or not there was any mineral to be mined there.

Anyhoo, the Elementium Geode is purple, which is the best color, and so I approve of this pet. They can’t be shared so I will have to admire from afar.

Enchanted Lantern

Enchanter? Hey, that’s me! There’s a formula to create the Enchanted Lantern but as of this writing I’m not clear how one acquires the pattern.

I’ll certainly get the pattern if I can because I have to represent as an enchanter…but I’m not going to go berserk trying to get it because I’m not too smitten with the pet’s looks.

I will change my tune if the idle animation is particularly amusing.

Fossilized Hatchling

Archaeology again with the Fossilized Hatchling.

I ask you, could there be a more perfect pet for Archaeology? No, no there could not. Well, maybe if it was a mummy—but there’s the Crawling Claw for that.

If you manage to get the skeletal raptor mount then this is the obvious companion for that. And, if I can, I’ll totally go after such a matched set.

Enchanted Lamp

Enchanting again (huzzah!) has another pattern for a different lamp, the Enchanted Lamp.

It’s purplish so that makes it, let me do the calculations here…one million times more better than the Enchanted Lantern.

Which, I assume, makes this pattern more difficult to acquire. No matter! I shall bend every effort to its acquisition. And by “every effort” I mean “actually try for reals this time.”

Personal World Destroyer

Engineers have access to their own Personal World Destroyer.

Hmm. Ominous title. And it has purple in it, so that relaxes my guard just a bit—perhaps too much!

This one is all about the idle animation actually. And whether it can be shared. If it can’t be shared then it’s irrelevant, but if it can I’ll have to see it in action before I price check it on the Auction House.

Quest Pets

Apparently, there are new quests in Cataclysm. To encourage you to do them: pets!

Blue Mini Jouster

You pick one or the other mini jouster as a reward from the quest Egg Wave.

Gold Mini Jouster

First things first: this is a very nice reference to the classic arcade game Joust which I put many a quarter into way back in the day. If the idle animation for these guys in any way reflects the arcade game I’ll squee in a good way!

And if a gold and blue interact with each other like other pets (Skunk and Cat, Grunty and Zergling, &c.) then I’ll delightfully flip out in geekery.

Picking which one is a tough choice. I’ll probably go with gold since blue is an overused color. Also, probably other people will choose blue, thus increasing the likelihood of delightful interaction with me.

Brazie's Sunflower

You’ve seen the video of the Plants vs. Zombies analog in Cataclysm? That’s actually a quest and the quest reward is Brazie’s Sunflower.

I, for one, welcome pretty sunflower pets liberated from the continuous onslaught of zombies. I mean ghouls.

Mr. Grubbs

They call him Mr. Grubbs and he’ll be hard to find.

This assumes you want to find something that looks like a Fleshlight, but, whatever.

Anyhoo, get ye to the Eastern Plaguelands and then follow the procedure outlined here or here.

If you’re into that sort of thing.

Other Pets

Not everything is a profession or a quest.

Tiny Shale Spider

The Tiny Shale Spider is a rare drop off a rare monster called Jadefang, purportedly in Deepholm.

I like spiders and while this doesn’t really look all that much like a spider (more like a crustacean) it looks OK.

The problem is that from my perspective rare drops off of rare monsters is a double-rare obscurity that is beyond my patience to exploit. I do not expect I’ll get this pet.

Though if I can do it while I’m trying to get Pebble (above) then the chance is downgraded from fantastically remote to blindingly remote.

Rustberg Seagull

Do need more of a parking lot aesthetic in your life? Then the Rustberg Seagull is for you. It’s a reward for a reputation quest.

Yawn. It’s a seagull. There are other mundane pets like prairie dogs so I suppose seagull fits in with that picture too.

But after seeing all these other exotic pets, I gotta say a seagull isn’t too thrilling.

Money Pets

Yes, you can just buy a pet. Here are two…


If you buy a virtual ticket to BlizzCon then Deathy is one of the rewards.

Or if you attend in person, of course. I attended BlizzCon once and I enjoyed my time there but it’s basically not worth the expense to go down in person again.

Which is why I’m especially glad that I can get a virtual ticket and as a bonus get the pet, too (in 6-8 weeks after the convention).

Lil' Deathwing

Cataclysm Collectors Edition owners will enjoy their own Lil’ Deathwing pet.

Of course I’m getting the CE, as I described in the post linked above.

I’m not super smitten with how the pet looks but on the other hand it goes really well with the whole artistic theme of the expansion.


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  1. I must tell you how much i ENJOYED reading this. It was Funny and Creative. 🙂

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