Tier 11 Mage Gear

Our friends at MMO-Champion have secured the looks for tier 11 mage gear. Let’s have a look, shall we?

(Click to embiggen!)



Tier 11 Arcane?


Love the purple—purple is the best color. This is a known fact.

OK…the skull though. Well, I must say that this looks better than the T10 animal trap jaw so this is technically an improvement. I’ve never really associated “mage” with “Ghost Rider” before but I guess it’s better than what we had before in t10?

What about the other flavors?

Tier 11 mage gear fire Tier 11 mage gear frost

I like them, I must say. Of course, it makes more sense to have yellow flames coming out of the fire set instead of the frost set, but it’s magic, right?



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